Wednesday, 4 June 2014


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Firstly, how funny is this post title!? I giggled like an seven year old with a fart joke at that one. I freakin' love puns. Anywho, moving on.

If you follow me on instagram you may have cottoned on to the fact that I've cranked the volume on my yoga practice a little over the past month. The thrice daily yoga themed posts may have (not so) subtly alluded to the fact that I am in love. My body feels great, my mind feels great and I am learning, expanding and challenging myself oh so much. 

I have dabbled in yoga for the past few years. Choosing various poses to 'nail', doing a few Hatha classes here and there, having a go with various styles through online video tutorials. But, I must admit, I never fully 'got it'. I felt good and it was fun to have a good stretch. But I longed for that dope connection and ridiculous sense of peace that all of these yogis harped on about. I decided to commit to a one month Ashtanga course to learn a little more about the practice of yoga and to challenge myself physically (as I'd heard you tend to build up a bit of a sweat working through the Ashtanga series).

I'm fortunate enough to live five minutes from the most beautiful, soulful yoga school that I absolutely adore. Samudra is a yoga school and incredible cafe in the South West of WA and is just so gosh darn beautiful. The teachers there are uber talented and have such an obvious passion for yoga and for teaching that you can't help but be inspired and empowered in their presence. If you're keen to learn more about Ashtanga and its practice, have a read here and familiarise yo'self.
When I saw that Samudra was offering an introductory Ashtanga course - I was all over it. Seriously. If you ever are blessed with the opportunity to travel to this blissful part o' the world and can commit to a months' practice then I would definitely recommend participating in this super dooper course. My beautiful teacher was a wildly passionate yogi who posessed such an overwhelming love and respect for yoga that you truly felt that you were part of something so special and sacred when you stepped foot in her 'classroom'. I set the intention at the start of May that I wanted to be fully present in my practice and to fill my mind with empowering words such as 'breathe', 'surrender' and 'connect' as I moved from posture to posture. And that's exactly what I did. From the first 'aum' to the final savasanah. Complete and utter connection as I found that divine balance between surrender and strength.

A huge part of my journey was the challenge of radical self acceptance. Bombarded with thoughts of 'why can't my leg do that?', 'I'm only three sun salutations in?!', 'what the hell kind of Gumby plactisine are they made of?!'. My body is muscular, and larger framed and sturdy. It's not really long and lean, it's not one of those bodies that just flops and folds into crazy postures and it drives me crazy sometimes with its tendency to store 'winter warmth' around my midsection. But the past month has helped me immensely in appreciating my body for what it can do, what it is capable of and what an incredible blessing it is to have a healthy, happy and strong little vessel to cart around my ol' soul. At the end of most morning sessions - I would float my ass back, brew a cup of tea and sketch my newly learnt asanas. I learnt about asanaglyphs during a Speakeasy lecture at Wanderlust Oahu and the beautiful simplistic sketches resonated with me right away. So I would journal, doodle, reflect and surrender a little further.

The entire course built up to equipping us with the sequence so that we could integrate confidently and seamlessly into a traditional Mysore class. Mysore classes are a self practice class that is supervised, gently guided and assisted by a teacher (or two). Yogis run through the asanas that they have learned within the Ashtanga series, with the teacher adding or enhancing postures when they feel the student is ready. I have loved these sessions. Firstly, being offered first thing in the morning they set you up for such an incredibly calming, centred and blessed start to the day. Secondly, going at your own pace is really empowering. There is no competition, no times to keep up with, no one to better. It's entirely your practice, and your practice alone. Thirdly, being surrounded by yogis of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes who are completely focused on their own practice is incredibly inspiring. 

The past month has been a profound learning experience and one that I will truly treasure forever. It has fanned flames in my belly, sparked an insatiable appetite for new knowledge and has seen me practice daily and chase that 'aum'.

Blessings, chaturangas and namastes x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


So, the universe and I have been in cahoots for a while. But it always seemed like a one way (communication) street. I always wondered what it was really thinking, what the cheeky little monkey of a universe was scheming and what it had in store for me.

Enter TUT - my little connection portal to the big, badass, beautiful universe. Every afternoon at 5pm, my iPhone 'pings' and an email arrives. Direct from the universe. How do you like them apples? I love 'em. And I'm goan eat 'em all.

Every message is so scarily bang on. Exactly what I need to hear. Ludicrously divinely timed. 

Do yourself a favour and sign up. Now. I'll wait here ...

Here are a few of my favourites from days gone by -

"Being super fabulous, can only come from being a super you. And being a super you pretty much comes from using me, constantly. Life is easy, The Universe"

"There was a time in the life of every hero, champion, master, and tycoon. When they say to themselves, 'I will not wait any longer'. And no matter how near or far away their dream seemed, they began to take action, every day, no matter what. No matter what, The Universe"

"A great trick of every enlightened master, is being ever mindful that it's not what you do that brings about a miracle, but that you do it. Doing something, almost anything, in the directions of your dreams, every day, is all I need to reach you, connect the dots, and drop a few jaws. We takin' over, The Universe"

Don't you feel all sparkly? Sigh. I hang out for these notes erryday. I think they're incredible. I hope you do to.

Blessings and light from The Universe and me x 

Friday, 23 May 2014

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY - 'The Lady who Knows Whaddup' Edition

This post is dedicated to the juicy, delicious and soul driven ramblings of Ms Danielle Laporte. I fell in love with her prose when I worked my way through 'The Desire Map' a few months back. And then? I kind of dwindled. I lost my lust for good, careful and hearty words. Fast forward to a frenetic message sent to one of my spiritual gurus and girlfriend's that went a little something like this ...

"I'm craving to be stretched and pulled further. Personal growth a go-go. Any particular books you'd recommend?"

What did my girl come back to me with? Dani Laporte. In all her fiery glory. The Fire Starter Sessions. And I'm back in love.

So this post is for you Ms Laporte. Thank you for your words. And passion. And fire. And for adding fuel to mine.

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Breathe in those magical words. Breathe in all that fabulousness. Breathe in the ripe possibility. Breathe. Just, breathe

Blessings and a word induced soulgasm x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

SOULGASMS - Oh hells yes.

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Have you ever experienced that ‘buzz’? It’s the only way to describe it. A jolt of pure, unfiltered, unadulterated, raw, ecstatic happiness and bliss?

Get yo’ minds out of the gutter if you’re wandered into nasty territory – because today I’m talking Soulgasms. What exactly is a soulgasm you might ask? It is that exact moment in which your entire being lights up, you feel unstoppable, your potential seems immeasurable and you are absolutely glowing!

A few years ago these soulgasms were, for me, as elusive as unicorns and they occurred few and far between. Now, I get my hit daily. Whether it’s during a soulful conversation with a friend, sipping on a cup of green tea, running in the bush with my ever growing puppy or working solo on a project – these soulgasms are the universe’s way of telling you that you are on the right track. These moments of pristine clarity, inspiration and elation are your birthright and you deserve to experience them every single dang day. Soulgasms are the result of complete alignment within your universe – they tell us that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Epiphanies, bursts of motivation and great ideas are all ‘foreplay’ for the great soulgasm that awaits. When we are aligned with our divine purpose, when we utilise the skills that we have been blessed with and we act and behave as an instrument of the higher power (whatever or whoever you believe that may be) the world around you completely changes and everything occurs in total and incredible synchronicity.

So you’ve just had your first soulgasm (you lucky thang) – now what?

+ Identify what instigated this incredible feeling? And nurture it as much as you can. Whether it’s an idea for a new business; spending time with loved ones; during your travels to distant lands ... trust that this is where you’re meant to be. This is how you’re designed to feel. This is how you will actualise your authentic self.

 Manifest this feeling and welcome it into every moment of your life. Do more of what makes your soul soar. Get your ‘gasm on every day.

+ Put it out there. Write it out baby. Grab your journal and jot down how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it and how you will grow and maintain this feeling until your dying day. My favourite way to do this is by writing a journal entry that is written by my future self (No I haven’t lost my marbles, just bear with me and hear me out). I get comfortable and connect with that perfect version of myself, my authentic and true self. Then I get writing and I get specific. I.e ‘It’s 2014 and I cannot believe how incredible I feel every single day. I wake up beside the love of my life every morning, sit in the sun and enjoy my morning tea and give thanks for all that’s around me. My clinic is booming and I’m currently managing two staff members who have helped to bring in a 6 figure annual profit for the practise. I am writing every day and have an audience of loyal, inspiring, supportive and determined readers...’ The real entries are much longer and go into much more detail. But these are personal and can be just for your eyes. There are no rights or wrongs, no need to be a Shakespere-esque wordsmith, no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. You, your dreams, your journal and a sprinkle of universal magic. Perfection!

Now - Action steps. 

Set this thang in motion. Feel like a certain someone has sparked your soul? Then book in a regular phone or coffee date with them to make sure you are granted a weekly soulgasm. Inspired and invigorated by a certain idea or concept? Then follow your heart and chase that feeling. Had an epiphany? Trust your gut and act on it.

Lucky enough to experience multiple soulgasms? Well you are onto a winner. Stay on that path, do not back down and do not accept ‘no’. When you’re experiencing life as your authentic self and following your divine path, nothing in the whole entire world can stop you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite really. Once you set your intentions and choose to live a certain way, the universe conspires to see you achieve just that.

Believe in yourself as much as your best friend does; as much as your mother does; as much as I do. And with that sense of belief and enlightened sense of self and alignment – you can do anything. And if you don't believe in yourself, well then sugar, take comfort in the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic and your full time cheerleader and I truly believe that you are capable of greatness. 

I’ll leave you with an incredible quote. One which I have read over a majillion (yes that’s a word) times and it still ignites my spark and keeps me believing that I can do anything. Recite it, believe it and achieve it.
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Blessings, love, laughter and rolling soulgasms x
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