Wednesday, 30 October 2013

LIFE LESSONS FROM ISABELLA - My 20 month old Rottweiler.

These are things that I have observed and learned from my giant puppy. She didn't exactly 'tell' me all this but she shows me everyday. Hope you enjoy the wisdom of my yoda like pooch.

+ Exercise everyday, otherwise you'll get grumpy.
+ Be happy ('lose your shiz' kind of happy) when you see the people you love.
+ Appreciate and get excited over every meal.
+ Do what makes you happy.
+ Unless it gets you in trouble and tied to a pole. Then don't do it so much.
+ Always stop and smell the roses.
+ If the sun is out, lay on the grass and stretch your body out as long as it can go.
+ Say hello to everyone and everything you meet.
+ As soon as you feel like you need the toilet, go. (But as a human, walk to the loo first. Then go).
+ Bark if someone threatens your loved ones. But don't hurt them. Just let them know how tough you are.
+ If someone wants to cuddle you, let them.
+ When outside, follow the path of a butterfly, snail or ant, inquisitively but not to disturb them.
+ Tilt your head and let people know if something confuses you or you don't understand.
+ Be happy with the simple things in life. Like a long walk and a belly rub.
+ Be in the now. Every day is a brand new day and you never need dwell on issues of the past or future.
+ Look longingly at loved ones when they leave. To show you care.
+ Be cute 24/7 by just being you. No make up. No fancy clothes. Just a big ole smile and happy soul.
+ Love with all your heart.
+ Play everyday.

Blessings and sloppy rottweiler kisses from Iz and I x


  1. This is a really cool post em :)

    1. Thanks Hannah! It was lots of fun to write actually - and made me appreciate my loveable pooch a little more!

  2. She is the CUTEST!!! & what awesome little lessons x

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