Wednesday, 20 March 2013


In a previous post I made mention of a fellow blogger by the name of Jessica Ainscough, a young and vibrant chikita from the eastern states who is using her powers (her written prowess and charismatic vibe) to spread the wellness message far and wide. She is busting her ass, from a place of self love and respect of course, to provide her readers with evidence based and up to date research and resources and teaching us all to live our healthiest and most invigorated life possible.

About 6 months ago (sheesh that flew!) she launched the Lifestyle Transformation Guide. This little baby was her part of the interweb designed to carry its readers through a 12 step journey to wellness. The program is lifelong and subscriptions and access are infinitely available – no promises of a time defined overhaul, no renewals necessary, and a bounty of bonuses and extras updated as we go. This was my first encounter with a program that didn’t promise results in x amount of weeks and, to be honest, this resonated with me more than anything! How the frik are we expected to become our best versions of ourselves in x weeks and then … what? Do we just never change, never learn, never grow again?! How boring! Health is a lifelong journey and our needs are CONSTANTLY evolving and changing.

I thought I’d do a little breakdown (cue dat beatbox beat y’all) of the program and it’s steps and how I’ve utilised each step in my personal journey. Let me preface this by saying – it’s a BIG mother flippin’ guide.

STEP ONE – Self Love
Although technically this is step number one – I prefer to call this one step infinity.  It is, for me, the hardest step which of course means it’s the most crucial in my transformation! Affirmations, self belief, self praise, acceptance – this step is all about loving all the things that make you you.

STEP TWO – Morning Routines
I’m actually now in the process of revisiting this step and establishing a beautiful winter morning routine (because, let’s face it, it’s already winter in the South West!). Jess outlines the importance of a flowing, positive and consistent morning routine in establishing a beautiful pattern of harmony and productivity for your whole day. She also teaches the health benefits of an array of morning practices that initially had me scratching my head and now have me going ‘how did girlfren not know this?!’.

STEP THREE – Power to the Plants
My favourite and most easily implemented step – getting my plants on! Those of you who know me are aware that I have a ‘black thumb’ and am virtually a consistent, albeit accidental, flora killer. So this step that I succeeded couldn’t possibly refer to the act of planting trees and vines (although it is encouraged!). You’re absolutely right. This step is about amping up your plant based food intake - all things wholefood, natural, unprocessed and from the bountiful bosom of Mother Earth. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. Get them in ya and feel fabulous.

STEP FOUR – More Green, Less Mean
This is a natural progression from step three and encourages you to, as you amp up the beautiful greens in your life, start to cut back on the not so beautiful others. Case in point – meat. The guide in no way forces you to go Vego BUT it does encourage you to look at your meat consumption and scale back. There is no denying the fact that higher intake of animal meat leads to higher risk of health complications such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, just to name a few. My partner is one who will, I don’t like to say never, but NEVER go complete vegetarian. However, even he has enjoyed our change of vegetarian meals and scaling back on number of times per week that Daisy the Cow graces our plates. I would also like to add that no one way of eating is the golden standard for everyone, find what works for you. For me – I am still eating meat (predominantly fish) a few times a week. When D is craving a big ole steak, we buy it right and preferably grass-fed, organic lean meat where possible. This step is a big one but one that may just change your health radically.

STEP FIVE – Sugar and Superfoods
White sugar, high fructose corn syrup and splenda? Chuck that shiz out. The guide teaches you all about the ins and outs of the sugar industry and how often this sneaky little demon sneaks its way in to our everyday edibles (think sauce, cereals, wine etc). Learn about the natural sweetener alternatives that will blow your mind and wet your whistle! As a former Splenda, Sweet n Low and Aspartame junkie – I have seen first hand the effects that these artificial sweeteners, although appealingly low in calorie, have on your body. The program also talks you through which superfoods are a must have on your plate and which amazing benefits you can expect by adding in a goji berry (or 10) to your morning muesli.

STEP SIX – Glorious Fats and Glorious Salt
Fat? No I can’t, I have to fit into my LBD on Saturday… Then shovel down that avocado baby! Society has essentially force-fed us the silly and completely incorrect way of thinking that FAT is what is making our nation so overweight. Nuh uh. Granted, the trans fats and processed fats in a quarter pounder wont help your LBD dilemma none, but the beautiful natural fatty acids in avocado, coconut oil and nuts WILL. The guide has taught me all about which are the best of the best to add into my diet, and which nasty imposters I have to kick to the curb.

STEP SEVEN - Chemicals, Labels and Dirty Tricksters
Since I’m relatively new to this whole wellness game, I found the information in this step absolutely transfixing. I was stunned to learn about all the pesticides, hormones, chemicals and nasties used to grow and produce things that I was ingesting every single day! This step teaches you the importance of shopping organic and becoming a Sherlock Holmes of the label reading world. Knowledge is power my darlings, know what you’re buying, know what you’re supporting and know what your letting into your body!

STEP EIGHT – Think Like a Warrior
The most fun step of all! Think of this one as mental bootcamp. You’ll learn all the nitty gritty details of creating the mind of a wellness jedi. This step covers meditation, affirmations, the power of positive thoughts (I know, right up my alley huh?), the health benefits of journaling (which I touched on here, a while back). Clean and train the mind and you’ll have a body to be reckoned with.

STEP NINE – Movement and Sunshine
Doesn’t this step just sound like a song from the Brady Bunch?! And that adorable family were ALWAYS happy so maybe they were onto this before we were. Want a happy, healthy, fit body? Then get movin’ sister. We ALL know that to be your healthiest self takes conscious effort within your diet and exercise, and since the guide has so thoroughly covered diet, it’s on to the sweaty good stuff. Uncover the benefits of sunshine and daily movement. Get healthy and look frikkin’ dynamite.

STEP TEN – Natural Beauty + Body + Home
This is the station where my train has currently pulled up at folks. I’m immersing myself in the wealth of information that the guide provides about removing toxins and chemicals from, not only your diet, but your entire environment. It’s such a blindingly obvious thing once you realise but for years I have given absolutely no thought to what chemicals I spray in the home, douse myself in, layer on my face etc. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything – we are essentially just cuter versions of Spongebob Squarepants.  My current challenges/changes are – revisiting my skin care routine (and throwing away those nasty chemical laden facewashes); starting to curb back on my make up (this is a BIGGEN) and being mindful of the cleaning products that we use around the house.

STEP ELEVEN – Dreaming Big
This is where you will be showered with all things ‘you go girl (or boy!)’ and get your paintbrush out to colour your life! The guide discusses manifesting, vision boards and uncovering your purpose. I also want to add that I have two draft posts just about ready to share with you on Manifesting and the power of Vision Boards – keep your eyes peeled darlings! I cannot wait to plunge myself into the pool of positivity that is step 11!

STEP TWELVE – Reflection and Integration
Tying a big, beautiful, colourful, extravagant bow around all the wonderful changes and practices you’ve woven into your life. This step is all about acknowledging where you’ve come from, where you are and where you’d like to go. It encourages you to give yourself a big pat on the back, a high five and a cuddle.

I’m not going to lie, having written about this beautiful program has made me fall in love with it all over again. This was by far the best present I have ever given myself and one that just keeps on giving!  The care and love that has been poured into it is evident within every aspect of this carefully compiled guide.

Be your best self, start living the life that you deserve and create a beautiful, happy, kind and glorious existence. Click here to get the guide!

You can even check out my testimonial on Jess's site here that I sent in a few months back because I was so proud of this bountiful and incredible program. I completely and whole-heartedly love and endorse this program. I wish for everyone to have this goodness sprinkled in their lives.

Blessings from my overjoyed and super smiley face x

**Please join me tomorrow for a Workout Thursday post that will be profiling an up and coming type of workout - get your point shoes and tutus ready people!**


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  2. I was in the middle of craving sugar. I was going insane.. but when I read those few words "Think like a warrior" it all went away like magic. The mind is a powerful thing, more powerful than people think. And I hope that people will start listening to this wise woman's life-advice.

    1. Thanks for sharing Anna and good on you girl! Keep that powerful mind going strong! Em x

  3. Hi Emily!
    Lovely review, I am a sitting on the fence with this one and I am not sure why. I think I am just trying to push myself a little into this program.
    Do you feel that the price was worth it and a year on, has this program still made an affect in your life?
    Thank you for your help xx

    1. Hi Felicia. Thanks so much for the lovely words - it was an easy review to write because it was so genuine. This program, without a doubt, has changed my life. It made me rethink a lot of things I was doing (within both my nutrition/health and just life in general), it has allowed SO many wonderful people to come into my life and it has opened up so many doors! A year on and you couldn't have asked at a better time because I'm actually revisiting and going through the program again from start to finish - just as a 'refresher' and already I have taken out so much from it that I missed before or have now percieved differently. I was just like you, and on the fence, when I was first deciding whether to sign up but I justified it by saying that health programs like Michelle Bridges (which are still great) cost about $200-300 and that's for a limited, time capped membership. THIS is lifelong and can be revisited whenever you please - and that 'go at your own pace' was really the initial selling point for me. PLEASE be sure to let me know how you go - I am more than happy to support you on as you progress through. Good luck beautiful! x

    2. Hey Felicia! How did you go with your decision? I'm so interested in following your journey!

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