Meet Emily

Hello oh beautiful soul!

I’m Emily Meagher and I am a self confessed ‘slashie’ (/). I’m a speech pathologist/blogger/student/entrepreneur/revolution seeker.  I’m wide eyed, ambitious and ridiculously big hearted.

This blog was created for multipassionate and adventure seeking generation Y’s, to help them to live mindfully and purposefully in this crazy modern world.

I started Bless this Mess as a means of sharing my inspirations and passions with a tribe of likeminded people – who are seeking to live extraordinary lives and who want to make the world a better place. Over the past few years I have been on my own journey of ‘self discovery’ if you will (but in essence it was really ‘life creation’ and ‘passion explosions’) where I learnt how to take care of myself, those around me and the planet. And I am oh-so-passionate about sharing my knowledge with, and learning from, people like you who are on their own journeys.

You can hang with me over on instagram or on Facebook – where I post regular snippets of the good life. And for extra lovin’ delivered straight to your inbox – sign up to the Bless this Mess mailing list where you’ll be first to hear about upcoming content, giveaways and be kept in the loop with all things BTM.

For media enquiries or to find out more about where to find me – keep an eye out for an upcoming media page! Watch this space!

Thank you for being here, thank you for finding me; thank you for empowering yourself to live the ‘kind’ life.

Blessings and so much love x


  1. Emily!!!! Argh, so glad that you've started a little collection point for your gorgeous words, photos and thoughts!! I've been thinking about you recently, as we never did do that kitchen cook up down South :( I still want to... or here in Perth if you're around for a weekend! Anyway.. your blog is gorgeous. Can't wait to read more! Following you, hugs and love! xx

  2. Hi Emily, love the blog! Your passion, humor and enthusiasm for health jump through with each post. Looking forward to reading more :) xx Sarah

  3. Came over here from DDG's weekly course. Love, love, love your words. I'll be following your delightfulness. Do you have a facebook page?


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