Monday, 7 January 2013

FEED ME MONDAY - The Kale Edition.

* NOTE I am having a wee bit of trouble with the formatting of these posts (techno tragics represent!). My main aim is to get the content to you - please hold tight and I will figure all this techy shiz out along the way! 

Ok – so the aim is to schedule my posts in a beautifully predictable order – it will adopt a sort-of weekly schedule so that you can tailor your visits to the blog based on your interests! Mondays are ‘Feed Me Mondays’ – where I will post num nummy recipes that I’m loving sick. So if food isn’t your bag (you crazy person) silently say ‘I don’t want none of your hippy food woman’ and hold out your visit until a Tuesday or Wednesday!

Food most certainly IS my bag. I’m not a super chic foodie who can describe in detail the difference between camembert and brie (does one have a skin?) but I am a girl who loves to cook and eat healthy, nutrient dense, good fo’ my body food.

My recent dish of choice, and weekly staple, is my Kale ‘salad’. Invented on a random night in, with no plans for dinner but a big ole pile of kale in the fridge, this spontaneous creation has gotten me through manyyyy nights where a long night in the kitchen was just not alluring.

You are welcome - eat and enjoy!

Blessings from my messy kitchen x


Emily’s “Get In My Belly” Kale Salad.

Serves 2 with yummy leftovers for next day lunch!
1 bunch curly kale (washed thoroughly prior to consumption – dirt hides in those beautiful curly leaves!)
1-2 beetroots (boiled and chopped – discussed below)
1 small-medium sweet potato (peeled and cubed)
50g greek feta
1 Tbspn flaxseed oil
Small handful of pepitas and sunflower seeds

1.    Place beetroots in saucepan of boiling water – ensure that these are fully emerged. Cook for approximately 20-30minutes – check with a fork and the beets should be soft enough for the fork to go through relatively effortlessly but not falling to bits! Remove from heat and drain. Once cool – use a paper towel to gently rub the skin off from the beets. Gloriously glossy red beets remain.
2.    Steam the sweet potato – again checking with your fork but generally takes approximately 5-10minutes. Remove from heat and put to the side.
3.    Now for the kale. Add washed and chopped curly kale to the steamer and watch the colour POP! It should only take a minute or two and its recommended you taste test as you go – yum! Kale should wilt and become a vibrant, deep green.
4.    In a serving bowl – tong out some kale, cubed beetroot and sweet potato. Add some roughly chopped feta and your pumpkin/sunflower seeds. Drizzle ½-1tbsp of flaxseed oil over entire salad. Season with salt and pepper as desired.
5.    EAT AND SMILE! This salad does your body a hellova lot of good and it’s a delicious midweek meal. 

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