Monday, 21 January 2013

FEED ME MONDAYS - The Choco-liscious Edition

Hello my gorgeous ones.

Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend, are feeling energised and motivated and ready to tackle the week ahead. I had a beautiful weekend with beautiful friends and beautiful family and spent Saturday evening to Sunday evening resting, relaxing and re-evaluating my health commitments for this year. I haven’t been too bad on the nutrition front but I have recommitted to fitness and moving my body as much as possible. So keep an eye out for this week’s Workout Wednesday – I sense a butt whooping coming on!

Today’s recipe is tasty with a capital T. My biggest weakness is likely sweets. I freaking LOVE desserts and I typically crave a bit of sweet stuff every day, but I’m very fortunate in that I can have just a little bit and Mr Sweet Tooth is sat-is-fied. However on days when I haven’t planned ahead and there is no healthy option on hand – this quick, easy pudding is my go-to-guy. It’s nourishing, filling and deeeelicious. And don’t tell anyone but I’ve been known to have it for breakfast on one or more occasions…

Raw Cacao Puddin'

1cup almond milk
2Tbspn chia seeds
2Tbspn raw cacao powder
1/2Tbspn maca powder
¼ avocado (cut into chunks)
1tspn honey
1tspn vanilla extract

Put everything in a high speed blender and blend baby blend! I scrape down the sides a couples of times to ensure all ingredients are processed equally. This recipe makes a thick smoothie type consistency (due to the gooey texture of the chia seeds as they absorb the almond milk) but can be served as a smoothie OR pudding ;) Eat and Enjoy!

I’d love to hear from you in terms of what you like, what you’d like more of or less of, what recipes you have tried and loved or ones that you’d like to share. Either leave a comment below or hit me up at!

Blessings from my grubby, chocolate covered fingers x

On a side note - one of my aims for this year is to get creative with our camera! With David working away and him being the only one of us with an 'eye' for photography - I've had to resort to sourcing pictures from elsewhere. Apologies and I will rectify this asap!


  1. Cant fail - it's an upgrade from my avo-date-vanillabean-cacao-mousse and sounds yum!


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