Tuesday, 12 February 2013


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I interrupt this normal scheduled post to share some super, amazing, fabulous, loving, positive news! As most of you may know - this Thursday is the international day of lurve. Ol' Valentine's Day. Now whether you are a believer of the day or an absolute hater (shame on you) - you cannot deny that on this one day, love is all around. People seem happier, even if on the surface they poke fun. And to all mah single ladies and fellas, is this a day for you to be sad about not being in a twosome? Heck no! 'Love' is one of the most broad definitions of kindness, compassion and care. I am madly in love with my friends and family. Ok it may not be a romantic love, one lucky chap won that corner of my heart 5 years ago, but it is love nonetheless and a love that should be celebrated! So don't just focus on your boyfie or your woman, spend this Valentine's day sending 'I love yous' to everyone and anyone that you hold dear to your heart.

And guess what gorgeous - that means you!

Self love and self respect is something that is SO important to me. Those of you who have followed me on BTM for a while will have read me posts here and here that discuss my own journey and beliefs when it comes to this topic and self acceptance. 

You can imagine how excited I was then to find out that the gorgeous Jess Ainscough was planning on releasing her first (and I feel most important step of this program) of her Lifestyle Transformation Guide - the Self Love module. This guide is an all encompassing, renovate all areas approach to your health and wellness and self love is just the tip of the iceberg! This program is its entirety is just over $500 - money well spent I believe and a learning opportunity that will no doubt change your life. 

In honour of Valentine's Day, Jess has granted us with access to this first module absolutely free! '

Do yourself a favour and please take yo' fine ass straight to this link and show YOURSELF some love this Valentine's Day. This offer is only available for THREE DAYS, until midnight Friday. Do not miss out, I promise you this is worth it. And hello, it's FREE! Nothing to lose beautiful. 

Blessings from my loved up, lame-o, gooey and ever beating heart x

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