Friday, 15 February 2013


The beautiful Gabby Bernstein - found here

When I decided to purchase Gabrielle Bernstein's most recent book, May Cause Miracles, I had no idea what 'miracles' were indeed in store for me! For those of you who don't know Gabby Bernstein, get aquainted. She is the funkiest, smiliest and brightest little yogi I have ever come across. Gabrielle has released three books over the years, all have been based on her area of passion and expertise - metaphysical healing and the power of our thoughts.

Ok I know you're all exceptionally busy and important so I will give you the basic rundown.
Title? May Cause Miracles
Catch Phrase? A 6 week kickstart guide to unlimited happiness
What the 'bleep' is a miracle? Will you sprout wings, grow lusciously long hair instantly or get a call from Ryan Gosling saying he 'saw you on facebook and knew right away you were the one'? Unfortunately no (but I'm staying optimistic that one day that call will come...). A miracle is, to put it simply, a change in perception.
Routine/Schedule: Every morning starts with a reading reflection passage that talks about the focus for that day (ranging from self forgiveness, gratitude, love, witnessing your fears). This gets you to really understand the impact of the negative thought pattern and teaches you to counter it with a positive spin. You're also given a daily affirmation that it's recommended you remind yourself of throughout the day - I have been setting an alarm on my phone each day to remind me of this affirmation and get me back on that mindset whenever it may have slipped. At the end of the day is reflection and meditation. It basically just encourages you sitting comfortably in silence (i.e. my lush bed) and reflecting on the day that was, acknowledging the change in thought pattern and appreciating any moments of change in perception. 

A change in perception may not sound that instrumental in happiness but oh-hot-dam it is. I'm at day 12 and I can honestly say that this guidebook has been making significant changes in my life. I have experienced a number of 'a-ha' moments during this process and it has been such an amazingly well timed occurrence in my life (thank you universe!). It has helped me to live in the moment, acknowledge and refute my self bashing kind of ways and has simply planted a widdle happiness seed in my widdle soul!

What is one thought pattern that you would like to change? What 'miracles' would you welcome, with both arms open, into your life?

Wishing you all a happy, smiley, miraculous Friday my loves.

Blessings from my peaceful, quiet and stilled mind x

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