Thursday, 8 August 2013


I sincerely hope this post finds you all well and all 'chomping at the bit' (that sounds filthy, and I apologise, but I'm sticking with it) to get your weekend plans into full swing. Yes, I have a long weekend because I have a monthly Friday off for 'wellness reasons' and I plan on selfishly and unashamedly indulging tomorrow!

Just a quick stop by as the clinic is absolutely hectic today - but wanted to let you know of some changes that you can expect to see over the next few weeks here at Bless This Mess.

SUNDAY NIGHT - Point/s to Ponder
Oh how I love me an alliteration! But 'point/s to ponder' is so much more than just a repetitious and harmonious sounding string of 'p' sounds! It's your weekly 'white space' check in. Your e-reminder to block out the shit, centre yourself, and clear some much needed space in that busy and over productive head of yours! Each Sunday night a quote, image or mantra will pop up on the blog and prompt you to silently reflect and recharge. I'll splash things around a bit and will make sure there's a bit of variety. But get ready to get your Zen on. Think of it as a more direct, less wafty 'Fuzzy Friday' style of post but at the start of the week to ensure that injection of inspiration gets right to your core!

I'm talking food stuffs, skin care, make up, house hold items, books, films and everything in between that we can utilise in our 'kind lives'. I will do a bit of a feature and break down of 'go to' items and things I'm loving. 

So how does that sound lovelies? Just a few of the changes that are a'comin this month. 

As always I still want to know and hear from YOU! What else would you like to see on the blog? 

Blessings and changes galore x


  1. Sounds fabulous to me!! Keep up the great work lovely ;) xxx

    1. Thank you Sally! Remember to keep giving feedback and let me know what you want to see happening! :) x


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