Friday, 2 August 2013


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This Fuzzy Friday, I'm not going to bombard you with images. I'm not going to chirp on and say the same thing in a slightly different way over and over. I'm simply loving and leaving you with this quote. I must have seen and read this quote a majillion times. When you read as many personal development, fru fru and motivational books as I do (and blogs, and documentaries, and articles...) you start to notice a few 'regular' sayings or teachings. But this week, something clicked. The words that I have read over and over again made so freakin' much sense that I wondered how I hadn't come to realise this before. This quote is all about basking in the wonder that is YOU. How trying to conform, trying to be someone else and consequently dissing on your fabulous self as a result, how playing it small, does nobody no good (threw in a double negative just to mess with y'all). Have you ever noticed how some people are absolutely stellar artists and creators, how they simply look at something conventional and see it in a completely different light and try to express it; while some people (cough cough, me!) can't seem to even colour within the lines of a dot to dot drawing! We were born with talents and skills that are unique to US. Some people are completely dependable to lift our spirits and make us laugh; others are straight shooters who we know we can count on when we want good, honest, cut-to-the-chase advice; others possess such a profound belief in us that they make us feel invincible and like we can do absolutely anything that our hearts' desire. Figure out who you are and let that person shine.
So this is my e-commitment to be unabashedly Emily, authentic to the core, and to no longer play it small, thinking that it will be better for others that way. I'm coming, balls blazing, and shining bright. Like a diamond, if you will.
A ship-load of blessings, love and light x

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