Monday, 14 January 2013

FEED ME MONDAYS – The Green Edition

It’s time to get our cookin, bakin, pureein, smoothyin and eatin on! It’s recipe time – chikka chikka yeah. Today’s a really short and simple post because a) it’s a freaking easy recipe and b) it’s probably the most requested ‘how to’ that I am asked by family and friends.

It is the green smoothie – my green smoothie to be more specific. It has sort of evolved over time and I’ve added bits and pieces to make it more ‘me’. I am blown away time after time at how warmly received this drink is when I serve it to the people I love. Case in point – my David. He’s a man’s man, labourer, surfer, bearded rugged blokey bloke and, after a hard four weeks on the mines, comes home and requests a green smoothie most mornings (or at least every morning that his lovely girlfriend is already making one for herself). There’s something rather hilarious about a shirtless hairy man sitting on my couch drinking a green smoothie and saying ‘yummy’.

The Green ‘Good Mornin’ Smoothie

My pictures do NOT do this beautiful drink justice - so I pinched this image from here.

1cup almond milk (unsweetened is best)
½ frozen banana
1tspn maca powder
½ tspn vanilla extract
1 generous handful spinach (I add extra for more iron dense green goodness)

Options – 1tbspn chia seeds (these thicken and ‘chunk’ up the smoothie but also add lots of good fats and omega 3); 1tspn honey (for a little sweetness); 1tspn raw cacao (for a chocolaty hit and extra antioxidants)

Put all ingredients in a blender and enjoy right away! It tends to set a bit funny if it is left out or in the fridge so best to drink immediately.

Blessings from my crazy green kitchen x

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