Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Not exactly the post that I was planning on writing this week but it teaches a valuable lesson in self care!

Unbeknownst to me - there can be a downside to running at a million miles and pushing yourself with goals and ambitions and workload etc and that, my friends, is the ever increasing risk of burnout. Last Friday morning I woke up, a little more fatigued than normal but nothing alarming, and went about my day. I quickly noticed a super dooperly annoying rash on my lower thigh – thought nothing of it as I often encounter mild reactions with my preciously sensitive skin (if it was a human, it would be as diva as Mariah Carey). Over the course of the weekend I had temporary period of fatigue and a few pretty doozy headaches (not typically a headache sufferer I kind of knew something was up but didn’t like anything together). Saw a doctor Monday who tentatively diagnosed me with Shingles (eek). I am blessed (the eternal optimist) that they haven’t been painful as of yet, normally notorious for the nerve pain that they bring, and instead am just dealing with the itchiness and fatigue.

Why am I discussing Shingly goodness on Workout Wednesday? Well the thing about having zippo energy and an annoyingly intense itching rash is that exercise isn’t really my number one priority. I’ve found myself retreating and giving myself a break (by minimising my workload as much as possible) and to be honest that has kind of been a blessing too. Always pushing myself can be mentally and physically exhausted (I can hear your collective ‘amens’ from here) and it’s kind of awesome when an objective outsider tells you to cut back. Yes sir!

So I have been listening to my body. Lots of nutritious and wholesome meals; walks with Pup and spending time outside playing with her (who coincidently has a stress/anxiety related infection too – like mama like puppy!) and a whole lotta reading, relaxing and sleeping.

Hopefully next week will be a more ‘active’ Workout Wednesday Post. I have however, been true to my word and have completed my first new class for my 2013 challenge.

Challenge update!
Class Completed – CX Works.
Verdict – Freakin’ loved it. The class was 30min (win!), varied target zones (hello butt, hello biceps, hello abs!), really good music tracks and a little eye candy on stage leading the class (a bit of extra incentive can go a long way). Overall a complete success and I will most definitely return to and keep up this little gem of a circuit class.

Blessings from my shingly but happy bedroom (where I have incidently spent the majority of my time over this past week) x

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