Friday, 1 February 2013


Part of my fuzzy Fridays involve delving into the positivity sphere and looking at ways of developing, expanding and cherishing our wonderful minds. My recipe and fitness posts from early in the week take care of our physical selves but what about our poor ol' heart and soul? This is an area of great interest for me and at the moment I am soaking up as much love, nurturing and good old fashioned positive vibes as I can. I have immersed myself in copious amounts of literature that explores and explains the power of our thoughts and the mind blowing capacity and capabilities of the human mind and, as a result, I am paying more attention to my understanding of the universe and its expansive and endless powers. 

I can say, hand to heart, that I am the happiest I have ever been in my twenty four years on this lush green planet. That's not to say my life is 'perfect', far from it really and there are many things I find hard that can sometimes dampen my spirits (being away from friends and family is a biggen and one that I constantly have to put in perspective). But I am more at peace with myself and appreciate both the life I have created for myself and the incredible souls I am surrounded by that has led to one very happy Emily.

In this hectic world it is so easy to be caught up in the 'downers' that we come across and, you know the saying "misery loves company", this negativity attracts more situations and circumstances that in turn present us with more reason to be negative and so begins the vicious cycle into a case of the Debbie Downers (bwom bwommmmm).

But my gorgeous ones, there is a beautiful flip side to this. Positivity breeds positivity. Send out a few happy vibes and the universe (who is one cluey Diva) will reward you with more and more wonderful things that will bring about happiness, love, success and all other gooey positive treats. For those of you who think this universe talk is fluff - I used to be you. I thought it was so weird whenever anyone referred to 'the power of thinking' or 'manifesting' or 'the universe listens' etc, but I promise you this shiz works. Simple changes in your mindset result in BIG changes to your life and your circumstances.

Today I want you to focus on happiness. What makes you happy? When are you your happiest? Is there anything you can change in your life, right now, that will lead to a happier you? Make happiness a priority and get ready to reep the benefits peoples!

Don't know how to get happy? Are your sad droopy eyes hangin' so low that you resemble a cartoon dog? Well get ready - because I'm a big ol' bundle of love and want to share a piece of this happiness pie - I'm sharing with you my 5 get happy tricks to turn that frown upside down.

Trick 1: Call or message or email a friend. Send someone some love and you'll immediately feel better. I told you - positivity breeds positivity. I find that my morning messages to my friends and family put me in the best mood. Simple well wishes and 'xoxo's are my drug - they are the best uppers around!
Trick 2: Where possible, give someone a big ass bear cuddle. There's nothing quite like a super squeezy cuddle when you're feeling crappy. The idea of human contact when you're in a mood may seem like the worst thing imaginable (Emily you're prescribin' what guuuuurl?) but this is my go to move when I'm able to. Endorphin releaser and buzz maker.
Trick 3: Identify what has set you off or put you in a negative spiral and break it the frick down. Chances are it's something completely manageable but when we are already overwhelmed and our systems can't cope, they breakdown at any challenge sent their way. Is it a big mama of a task - then simplify it in a series of simple to dos that will instantly make the mountain in front of you seem like a few more simple hurdles. But if you can't see the light at the end and feel like you're drowning ...
Trick 4: Step away from the situation. Have a breather. Gain perspective and return to it when you are feeling more calm and focused. There's a famous quote that tells us 'you can't solve a problem in the same mindset that created it' - change your mindset and you'll navigate your path to the solution (and happiness) much faster.
Trick 5: Busta move! Not always possible in the small confines of an office cubicle but in this day and age iphones and ipods provide endless opportunities to drown out the everyday noises and get our music on. My beautiful friend inspired me to do this during the week and we had a simultaneous, cross country dance off to Beyonce. Mood and butt lifted? Check.
Trick 6: Fake it til you make it. Simple and poetic. Slap on a smile, try to emulate that happy person you wish to be and soon enough you'll feel it. There have been a number of days where I am just not feeling it but I bop along, smile and sooner or later the cloud above my head goes and out comes some sunshine!

Trust me, this bag of tricks works. Try one or more of these next time you are having one of those days (and don't despair - we all have them!) and don't forget to let me know what works for you.

Over to you! What are your go-to pills of happiness?

Blessings from a cheesy, but infectious, smile x

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