Friday, 8 March 2013

Feature Friday

Today's chosen charity and therefore today's 'feature Friday' is the Make a Wish Foundation Australia.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the organisation and have seen the 'can shakers' and 'wish granters' around the place with those familiar Make a Wish stickers ready to distribute to donators. But what exactly do Make a Wish do and what are they about? You can head over to their beautiful website or you can read on and see the ins and outs of this incredible cause.

Make a Wish aim to, quite simply put, grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical condition. They started granting wishes in 1985 and since then over 7000 children have had smiles put on their faces and dreams achieved since its inception.

You know I'm all about the amazing powers of positive thought and the tremendous impact that happiness and positivity can have on our health and the Make a Wish research vouches for this and their incredible 'wish effects' study has outlined amazing changes in the lives of their little ones after being granted their wish -
The study discovered that Make-A-Wish® wishes have a significant impact on the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of children with life-threatening medical conditions:
  • 97% of families surveyed said there was a noticeable improvement in their child’s mental and emotional health following the granting of a wish
  • 75% of children experienced an improvement in their physical health, involving increased strength and willingness to overcome their condition
Wishes were also proven to have a positive influence on the parents and siblings of wish children:
  • 98% of parents surveyed said the wish offered them hope and positive forward thinking
  • 100% agreed the wish gave them happy memories that would last forever
  • 92% of parents affirmed a reduction in anxiety and fear among the wish child’s siblings
  • 93% of parents felt an increased sense of empowerment and improved ability to cope with the medical condition and situation
Isn't that just the most heart-warming and incredible thing you have ever heard? And the best part is that you, I or Joe Bloggs can make a difference! Donations and/or volunteers are in great need for the organisation and every contribution is valued and essential.

The organisation came to mind during the past week when a beautiful friend of mine started spreading the word and promoted a fundraising event in honour and memory of her brother. This event will be held in Perth and ALL PROCEEDS will be going to the Make a Wish Foundation. For privacy reasons I am not going to openly advertise on here BUT if you wish to donate or would like to attend this beautiful tribute please contact me through the Bless This Mess facebook page or at

Blessings, fairy dust and a magic wand at the ready to grant the wishes of these gorgeous little souls x

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