Friday, 8 March 2013


Ok I seem to alternate between my Friday topics way too regularly and I promise, once life settles back to normal, that we will once again follow a more finite structure and adopt some sort of predictability with these blog themes.

But in the meantime - get ready to get motivated, laugh and swoon...

Today for your virtual inspiration board, I'm jumping on the meme wagon and sharing with you my personal favourites and funniest collection of heart racingly good, motivational health and fitness memes. I've also chucked in a few others from my laugh-out-loud collection that aren't health and fitness related but were just too good to leave out of the batch (i.e. Ryan's love for bunting...).

Be sure to check in later with my feature Friday write up for this week's chosen charity. But for now I'd like to wish you a happy Friday from Ryan and I. 

Blessings from my ogling eyes x


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