Thursday, 2 May 2013


After a day of wallowing in self pity and sadness, yes even I have those days of nothing going right and attracting all sorts of annoyingness and irritating situations, I decided enough was enough. I stopped, thought about what would make me happy in that exact moment, and just freakin' did it. I made myself a soy decaf cappucino, put on an episode of Breaking Bad (An unfreakin' believably good episode. If you're a fan, please contact me. We need to talk. Now.) and rolled out the yoga mat for some 'stretch, sip and watch' combos. The result? Unwinding, destressing, calming, grounding, happiness inducing sense of peace and stillness. It may not have been the situation that would best calm you down but by golly it worked a treat for me. I found it re-energised me and gave me a little 'pow pow' to go on with the afternoon and get shiz done. 

So after emerging from this seemingly dark little tunnel where all my old crappy messages of negativity and ego were on repeat, I am determined to not let it catch up with me again! The challenge now? Exercising my grrr-attitude once more and opening my silly little eyes to what absolute magic is around me!

Emily's Grrr-Attitude List

+ Working for myself and being able to sneak home early on afternoons when client's cancel
+ Whispers of support and praise from my darling
+ Having the guts to stand up for myself and be my number one advocate
+ Walking the walk this week
+ Being able to enjoy time with my beautiful friends in my beautiful town over the weekend
+ Phone calls and smiles
+ Synchronous messages of love and 'I miss you's with family and friends
+ I am still so gosh darn grateful for tea...
+ Whipping out the new 'fancy' sheets because life is too mother flippin' short to keep them stored away
+ Early gym sessions and butt whoopins
+ Freakin' beautiful dinners shared with my David
+ Making small but significant progress
+ Being approved for first home buyer's and ordering our first couch! 
+ Successfully holding the 'crane' yoga pose for my longest time to date

I would love to hear what has your gratitude cup overflowin' this week? Share below gorgeous ones!

Blessings from my grateful and overjoyed (once again) soul x

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