Wednesday, 28 August 2013


You know when you are introduced to someone and you instantly connect with them and you feel like you share near identical views, attitudes and goals for ev-er-y-thing. Well that's what happened when I was connected with Anna Oglvie, a Perth blogger and self proclaimed life enthusiast who has journaled, blogged and chronicled her life for the past three years on her incredible blog Life's Shiny Pretty Things. Anna has some BIG projects on the horizon, and is set to launch these babies very shortly. So keep yo' eyes peeled. During her recent trip to Vegas and in light of her absence on the blog scene for those few weeks, Anna asked me to feature as a guest blogger on her site. I tried to play it cool and responded with a casual 'oh yeah, that would be nice' but inside I was doing a little Gangnam dance. I was so honoured that she would choose to share my words, thoughts and knowledge on her humble little space and I am even more honoured to share this post with you and direct you to her gorgeous site

This post is so important to me. It came to be rather spontaneously and unexpectedly, as all great inspirations do, and the words simply poured out. The most important part of this post is my dedication - for my beautiful mother - to chase her dreams, celebrate her talents and above all believe in herself and the incredible things she is capable of.

Blessings from my overwhelmed, grateful and humble self x

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