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This post should be really be titled 'What am I NOT reading?'. Seriously. I have approximately 3-4 books on the go at any one time. I make sure that I read every night and I base my nightly read on how I'm feeling - sometimes I feel like soaking up some nutritional knowledge so I will read 'Crazy Sexy Diet' by Kris Carr or 'The Kind Diet' by Alicia Silverstone; other times I'm all about entrepreneurial shiz so I pick up 'Authentic Success' by Robert Holden, 'Go Pro' by Erik Worre or 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill; some nights it's more of a personal development kind of evening so I delve into my Louise Hay collection, 'Treasure Yourself' by Miranda Kerr or The Everything Book of Buddhism. 

I used to persistently judge and kick myself for not being a 'reader'. I have never been into fiction books, with the exception of the holy grail of fantasy books that are the Harry Potter series (just went to the top of my gratitude list thanks JK Rowls), and since I was younger and learning to read I always found myself picking up non fiction books, autobiographies or how-to books. I discounted this lack of fiction/fantasy and labeled myself a 'non reader'. Pfft. I am the biggest book worm I know!

Truth is, I love books that CHANGE me, in some way or another, small or big. I love putting down a book and knowing that it's shifted something within me or given me new perspective or knowledge. I love reading a book with a highlighter in my hand and outlining point after point that resonates with me and coming across those words that practically jump off the page.  

With my evolution of interests and pursuits, my choice of book has changed somewhat. I absolutely adore books on wisdom and cognitive retraining; I love books on business and inspiring entrepreneurs; I love cook books and books that delve into the how's and why's of nutrition; I love autobiographies that detail the perseverance and strength of the human spirit...

At the moment I have 5 books on the go but one that I am reading, and implementing, every day that has already been life changing and ridiculously eye opening, is E Squared by Pam Grout. This book talks, in a completely accessible, natural and frikkin funny way, about the universal energy fields and how much potential there is for incredible miracles in our life once we learn to give and receive to/from the field. The book claims to 'prove your thoughts create your reality' and provides you with the details of nine experiments that you can carry out to do so. Um, she had me at 'prove'. We all know I am a complete sucker for anything that mentions the links between our thoughts and our realities, but even my belief falters from time to time as I come across people who challenge or oppose this way of thinking.

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I'm planning on keeping you updated with my 'experiments' and findings as I go. Experiment one is simply about asking the universal energy field to make its presence known. To declare and announce itself in some way to me. I have given it 48 hours. So within the next 48 hours I am expecting either a sign, symbol, gift or blessing that is NOT able to be dismissed as coincidence that proves the field exists, is listening and can deliver. I am frikkin excited. I hope it has something to do with Ryan Gosling...

What do you love to read? Any favourite books or genres? Share in the comments below or via the Bless this Mess facebook page!

Blessings, bunsen burners and beakers from this mad scientist x

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