Thursday, 7 November 2013

'SOULFISH' - My Pledge to be More Soulfish

It's another Bless This Mess video! And this time I'm-a sit down, across from you having a cuppa, and give you a dose of Emily mind-blurt. In this video I explore the concept of 'soulfish' - a new way of looking at behaviours or actions that may have been incorrectly labeled as 'selfish' in the past. Well, incorrect labels be gone! 

I believe being 'soulfish' and making time for ourselves and our happiness is a good thing. In fact, it's a GREAT thing! Here's a few snippets as to why thats the case:

+ We learn more about ourselves, our drives, our passions and our calming strategies
+ We go into our days with a profound sense of self assurance and are ready to tackle anything in our path
+ We are better children, parents, friends and lovers because we know ourselves and are determined to let our best, and authentic, selves shine
+ It feels dang good to give yourself just a few hours a week to do whatever the heck you want
+ We connect with our true essence 
+ We love deeper, smile more and live everyday with grateful hearts.

What's one thing that you plan to integrate into your weekly/daily routine that's more "soulfish"? Comment below and share one thing that you pledge to do for yourself to show you how dang special you are!

Blessings and soulfish days a plenty x

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