Friday, 8 November 2013

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY - The Revolutionary Edition

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For the past few days, all I seem to be able to think about is the concept of 'kind living' and 'sustainability'.

I've been through such a transformative journey over the past 12 months and what started off as a venture into 'what is the best option for me?' has gradually started to become more a question of 'what is the best option for the greater good?'. It came bleedingly apparent to me, quite suddenly, that every single thing that I blab on about has been actually setting me up for something greater. 

I initially chose to eat 'healthy', 'clean' foods because I wanted to lose weight, which developed into me wanting to be the healthiest and most vibrant person I could be, which developed into me wanting to be a bright, shiny person so that I could go about my work and interactions with zealous and enthusiasm which developed into choosing to eat 'healthy' 'clean' foods because that is what is best for the planet. 
I initially chose to use organic and chemical free skincare and beauty products because I didn't want pimples, which developed into me choosing better skincare and beauty products because I didn't want my skin ingesting any toxins, which developed into not wanting my choices to impact on anyone else (animals included), which developed into not wanting my choice of beauty product to impact on the environment. 
I initially pursued health because I wanted to be skinny, which developed into wanting to be the healthiest 'me' that I could possibly be, which developed into wanting to lead by example and inspire other people around me to prioritise their health (so they'd stick around for many more years to come), which developed into preventing illness to not put strain on our health system, which developed into avoiding strain on the health system so that finances and funding could be redistributed to areas of greater need (and not focussed on areas where admissions are due mostly to preventable causes).

Do you see this cycle? Everything we choose that is good, simple and kind to ourselves ultimately comes to serve others, animals and the planet. THIS is why I'm a self confessed 'health nut', THIS is what is important to me and is all consuming in my life at the moment. There's such an energy building up around this issue and the overall concept of a 'world in turmoil'. The ramifications and severity of our actions over the past few centuries are being noted now, more than ever. 

It could be the time for fear ... or it could be the time for action and empowerment.

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I feel that humanity is at a big ole crossroads. We are pretty much being told (by mother nature, the scientific community, wise leaders and one another) that we have two options: start to become more aware of the unsustainable ways of living that we have created and develop greater love, respect and unity with our planet OR not have a planet. It may not be in our time, but then again who knows, but it is guaranteed to affect those around us - our own children (or grandchildren or great-grandchildren), descendants of our friends and families, the ground that we stand upon today, the ocean that we swim in, the animals big and small that will outlive us by decades and near centuries...

I will be launching something in the near future that will encapsulate a lot of what I'm yabbering on about today. I have been working tirelessly on developing it and I am hoping to have a little 'launch party' in a few months. That being said - it's pretty ding, dong, darn huge so this busy little beaver may not be able to do it justice (and I so am not settling for anything less) in a shorter timeframe. So hang tight.

Think of this post as a callout to action - I am building a tribe. One that sees injustice, hurt, pain, damage and human error and wants, oh so badly, to rectify this. To live in a world that is safe, harmonious, unified, balanced and just. Start NOW. Read, watch, listen, seek inspiration, chat with a friend, look at local initiatives, eat well, consume consciously, donate, volunteer...

Blessings, a shit-tonne of enthusiasm and hope, smiles, laughs and a BIG hug x


  1. I definitely think there's a lot more aware people than ever before. Just looking at my facebook newsfeed, people want to be healthy, eat good food but also know that their food came from a good place (in which case, more and more friends are switching to the vegetarian and vegan way of life). It's pretty awesome to see!

    1. It's insane hey. The revolution is incredible!!

  2. Sounds exciting Em! Can't wait to hear more!! :D xx


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