Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SHARE THE LOVE - Apps for the Eco Conscious

I'm always on the lookout for resources, apps, features, articles and anything at all that might make our 'ethical consumption' of products and services a little easier! So when I came across the GoodGuide app on iTunes - I let our a little (fair trade and organic) squeal.

The Good Guide app equips consumers to make green, earth friendly and ethical decisions when out and about. Quick and easy to use - it's pretty spiffy. 

Found here

I found this baby last week and am yet to use it at the shops BUT have had a bit of a browse and am so impressed by how comprehensive this free app is! It assigns a value (from 1 to 10) for each and every product featured to reflect how they stack up in the areas of health, environment and society. Health looks at the potential health hazards of the ingredients within the products; Environment looks at the environmental impact of the product (the company's compliance with environmental policies, practices and performance) and Society scores reflect the company's social policies and practices (fair trade; animal welfare; human rights etc).

The app covers an impressive 210, 000 products. These products are divided across separate categories such as skin care, oral care, food (pet food too!), household, kids and makeup.

I can't wait to take this little baby with me on my next big shop. Would this be something that you/your family would benefit from?

Blessings and a trolley full of kindness and ethics x

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