Friday, 9 May 2014

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY - A Simple Lesson for the Soul

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Regular readers of Bless this Mess will know, very well, that I am a true believer in the connectedness of all elements of life. Humans, fellow earthlings, the earth, the wind, the ocean ... We are made up of the same energy, the same life force, and that connects us in a powerful, yet unspoken, way. We can't talk to the ocean, but that doesn't mean that avid surfers who spend their lives in the sea can't listen to the ocean and know what it's doing, what waves are brewing and what is going on below the surface. Our ancestors could read the elements and predict changes in the weather. 

We have this incredible intrinsic connection with our environment and fellow earth treaders yet we seldom tap into it. We - myself included - completely take for granted the amazing blessing we were all gifted with. You can harness or enhance this connection by spending time in silence, by tuning in to that quiet voice within us, by removing material distractions that might block or skew our perception of things, by investing in activities that make your soul shine. Whatever that may be. For me, at the moment, that's writing, yoga, soul chats with my loves, long walks before the sun is even up and getting myself out in nature wherever I can. 

I was blessed with a pretty strong sense of intuition. Even as a little one, I kind of always had this awareness of what was going on, before it went on. My intuition has saved my skin on a few occasions, some of which I've never actually spoken about, and I am so grateful that at this time in my life I am tapping right on into it again.

I know this is quite a trivial and not so impressive example but yesterday when the rain was constant, either in light sprinkles or full on pelting, I waited and waited for the opportunity to get outside and take Iz for a big walk. We both needed to get out of the house and breathe in some good air but sooky me didn't want to get wet. You can see the dilemma. After an afternoon of accounts and admin, I finally felt a pull to get up and get outside. I grabbed Iz and stepped outside - 'but it's so dark and that big ass cloud is going to break open any second' said my silly brain. Something told me to lace up and go. I don't even recall the thought process, one minute I was working and the next I was heading off down the driveway. 

That's your inner guide in the driver's seat right there - when you're merely a conduit of a higher driving force that moves you exactly where you need to be without the interference of conscious thought.

Our walk was lovely. Izzie was a little silly (standard) after being couped up all day and missing out on her pre sunrise morning walk. But it felt so good to be outside and with a bit of sun poking through the clouds, I thought that this rainy winters' day was over. As we turned onto our corner block and headed towards the house, sprinkles started. We got under the shelter of the garage and bam! Down pour. We were walking for the exact amount of time needed to stay dry and warm. Every instinct I followed to go down this path, or that path, to miss our usual route and go down these roads instead - led us to being outside at the most beautiful, opportune time of the day. A small example, but profound in my eyes. I had the cheesiest grin on when the rain started pelting - I had listened to the stirrings of my inner guide and it knew. It knew when I didn't.

Blessings and complete and utter surrender to the divine wisdom of our intuition x

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